unlocking never-ending spending money for gen z
Kaeya, founder & ceo. đź’ˇ "fuck paying zuck. I'll put that ad $ in my shoppers' pockets instead" - the lightbulb that went off while brainstorming how to sustain the viral momentum Kaeya experienced after landing a deal on shark tank at 20...leading to the genesis of Swaypay.
Aaron, principal designer. King of turning ideas into even prettier ideas. Has led design teams in tech across product and brand. Steals ideas from Kaeya and claims as his own.
Manish, vp of engineering. Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist and data specialist with 20+ years of experience ranging from leading cutting-edge start-ups to delivering innovations at companies like Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs.
Brandon, sales lead. 10+ years of experience as Sales Director for e-commerce startups focused on Amazon-enablement (3 acquired for over quarter billion each), with over $1 billion under management.
Arielle, head of mktg. Prior to joining Swaypay, Arielle oversaw college marketing for artists including Beyoncé & Harry Styles, and most recently led growth for a creator fintech company from seed to $20M Series A

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we aim to bring financial empowerment back to brands and shoppers alike by converting the $600M brands spend annually on digital advertising -> into shopper spending money